February Progress!!

I am very happy that we have been getting a lot of work done on the build. From the update last month, I was speaking about seat options. There was someone on the BiplaneForum that reccomend a Tillett seat, and I looked into this option, and a few others including a custom seat. Well, the Tillett seat seems to be a winner. Having side support is an important factor because when doing aerobatics, I need to stay firm in my seat for better control.

Here is the Tillett seat.



Also the previous builder fabricated the bungee truss incorrectly using the wrong size steel. The old bungee truss was cut out.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 19.56.29

The area was sand blasted and the new bungee truss was test fitted.

And finally welded in to prefection.

I ordered riging boards from Steen Aero to check the incidence of the wings.

Screenshot 2017-03-06 19.59.31


The top wing was test fitted just to see where we stand. So far everything is looking good.

We also had a chance to figure a location for the com and transponder antenna. The com antenna most likely will go in the turdle-deck, which has no metal surrounding it, just wood and fabric. The transponder antenna will go somewhere under the belly. Also we are giving though to harness (seatbelt) location. Metal tabs will need to be fabricated to archor the belts.