Plan of action; The next couple of months

I am happy that I already purchased my ticket for Sun-n-Fun, I fly in late Monday night (actually it’s Tuesday morning and leave late Wednesday. At SnF I can accomplish a lot and get some ideas for my build. My main reason for going is to try on different manufactures of parachutes, see which one fits me the best. Also I plan to try on a helmet.

Still, I am up in-the-air (Pun intended!!) about if I want to put lights on my airplane, so this will give me the opportunity to meet different vendors and if they have something lightweight and economical,  I may consider it.

My plan is to put a one-place canopy on, so again, a great opportunity to see what everyone else is doing.

It is time for me to consider what I want to do about a seat so I got a great idea from someone on biplaneforum. His method was to use a system that creates a custom mold of you bum. After the mold is finished, it is trimmed, some extra squeeze foam is added to certain areas. Then finally the mold can be covered in your choice of fabric (4th, 5th & 6th picture down). This is fantastic, the only problem with this route is I will need to have a parachute to be able to make the mold, and most likely I will wait on the parachute purchase.

Another option I have for a seat is purchasing it from Aircraft Spruce. The only problem with this is that the seat doesn’t look that comfortable. I did find someone who installed this seat and has gotten good reviews so this may work.

Finally one more option for a seat, or as this is, a seat back.


If you notice in the plans there is a steel diagonal tube going from station 51 to 79


The previous builder put a horizontal tube which the diagonal tube should be…..why? Who knows, but it is structural and needs to be fixed.