Laying and dreaming… 

about being in the sky, laying down, resting, thinking,  enjoying the intermediate days of Yom Tov, I have a sudden and almost instantaneous thought/(moment of clarity). I am a pilot, currently not flying professionally, but love flying and anything to do with airplanes.

I thought to myself, I have always loved and wanted to get into aerobatics, why not buy a aerobatic airplane!?!

Suddenly a calm came upon me. This very instant, everything became clear. As if it has always been this way. 20 years of being a pilot; it’s almost as this very moment is the climax of my career. It feels like the decision has been made for me, and there is only one  thing left to do… Get an airplane!

After the holiday I decided to begin my research. After some time it seems that my current financial would leave me to purchase an experimental category airplane. I search the internet for what I believe should be the perfect mix of performance, safety and financial feasibility in an airplane. Historically I have never enjoyed committing to paying loans off. For example I have all of my pilot ratings up through Airline Transport Pilot with flight instructor ratings in both single and mult-engine aircraft; all accomplished with no loans.

After thinking some more, I feel buying a project airplane at a good cost will save me the hassle of getting a personal loan. Researching more, I come across the Vans RV3 and feel this is the airplane for me. More searching led me to a set of RV3 wimgs removed from an airplane not too long ago. I find a knowledgeable pilot close to the wings in Seattle and arrange to have the wings inspected. Thanks to EAA and it’s members because I found the experienced mechanic from the EAA website. After about a week of speaking to the mechanic he flew his personal airplane about 20 minutes to the home airport of the RV3 wings and made the inspection. That night I received the inspection photos.

After receiving the inspection report and photos I hastily sent a non-refundable deposit to the sellers of the wings. Within two weeks I did a bunch of in-depth research (research that should have been done before committing to a purchase) on the RV3 and what I came up with was quite interesting. To give you the gist, the RV3 wings had some structural integrity issues; a correction from the manufacture came, however for me flying a set of these wing would not let me sleep good at night. The other eye-opener, if your main purpose is aerobatics, the RV3 is not the airplane for it. I forfeit my deposit, and already on my search for a different airplane….