On to builder # 3 Joe

Time to find yet one more builder and hopefully this is the last. Things didn’t work out with Davie. He kept putting me off. Promising a date to start and keep giving excuses. After almost 6 months of this, I decided to move on. At the end of our relationship, Davie stopped answering my calls. I was in contact with Davies friends and they spoke to him, but me… he wouldn’t take my calls. I decided to send the local police to go knock on his shop door (me being 600 miles away). Oh, hey guess what, Davie is suddenly back and he claimed a problem with his phone.

More searching has brought me to a builder out in Kansas. He has the experience, he built a few airplanes, is retired and also has a shop where he lives with a private airport. I flew out to meet Joe, and once again everything seemed ok. One thing I noticed about Joe is he seemed very passionate about anything he did, and this was very apparent. We agreed to work with each-other. I arranged to have the project moved out to Joe in Kansas.

The black trailer took my project from Virgina to Kansas out to Joe.