New Project Found – Steen SKYBOLT

Screenshot_2015-06-18-16-57-47 1.jpg

Thinking of the mission of the airplane should have been the first question. Unfortunately with the RV3 I did not think of aerobatics when making a decision. Now we are on the right track. The Skybolt, a little less expensive than a Pitts, and a little bigger too. The wings are identical top and bottom. And lucky for me, I found an estate sale in Oregon. I contracted with a local mechanic/builder to inspect the project and report back. The inspection was done and everything was reported as high quality workmanship, no apparent issues. The mechanic/builder that I hired was the chief mechanic/manager of a local FBO. I was also told this individual rebuilt or built a Stearman. This was sufficient for me to trust his word on the inspection.

After paying for the project setting up the logistics of the trip I was on my way out to Idaho to pick-up the truck rental. Drive into Oregon (2 hours) pack-up for the trip back to my hangar in NJ and hit the road.



When all is said and done the trip took me about 2 days and 2800 miles. I slept for two hours the first night and 3 hours the second night.

I arrived at my new hanger and my good friend Yossi was there waiting for me to help unload. He also brought me delicious food.