A new day, a new seat

As it turns our the previous seat that I ordered was not strong enough. It was flimsy, it looked good on the website but when we received it, I can not imagine pulling 5 g’s in that thing. While flying an aerobatic sequence, a 200 pound person would exert 1000 pounds in this seat and I do not want to risk this thing coming apart. One reason for selecting this seat was the lightweight, at 2 pounds that would be great for my overall goal of having a lightweight aerobatic competition airplane.

So I have selected another seat. Kirkey 41900V, it weighs 10 pounds but it is built like a truck, it already has the seat-belt holes built it, and it has a simple option for covering it. One last positive is that the seat is wider, that can accommodate my ever-so growing waist line!

So here is the new seat on order…