Just bought a Hooker Harness..

When looking for a harness, there are a few competitors in this area. I decided to go with the Hooker Harness for a few reason. The first is because I do not need to supply length when ordering. We are still customizing the cockpit so it would make things more difficult and I need to get the seat in place along with the harness to see how everything will fit.

Sample of Hooker Harness.

Another reason is the IAC required dual lap belt. With the competitor, there is no ratchet system, and I believe it will be easier while flying to tighten myself in with a rachet available.

Example of Hooker Harness dual lap belt.

This is a custom order so it should be ready in a couple of weeks.

A new day, a new seat

As it turns our the previous seat that I ordered was not strong enough. It was flimsy, it looked good on the website but when we received it, I can not imagine pulling 5 g’s in that thing. While flying an aerobatic sequence, a 200 pound person would exert 1000 pounds in this seat and I do not want to risk this thing coming apart. One reason for selecting this seat was the lightweight, at 2 pounds that would be great for my overall goal of having a lightweight aerobatic competition airplane.

So I have selected another seat. Kirkey 41900V, it weighs 10 pounds but it is built like a truck, it already has the seat-belt holes built it, and it has a simple option for covering it. One last positive is that the seat is wider, that can accommodate my ever-so growing waist line!

So here is the new seat on order…