I found an engine – IO-540 300HP


I was not even expecting such a surprise. A few months earlier I was calling salvage yards looking for an engine IO540 core. No one had what I was looking for in my price range. One of the salvage yards kept a hold onto my phone number. A customer called the salvage yard trying to sell an engine. The salvage yard was not interested because the seller wanted too much money, there would be no room to make profit. The salvage yard called me and gave me the seller information. As it turns out the engine is a gem! it is a first-run (never been overhauled) with complete logs! and the price was right! Stock, the engine is 300HP, so I figure with some very light tuning I can easily make 315HP.

Fortunately my engine builder is only about a 2 hour drive from where the airplane is being built. Once we fit the engine on the airplane and build the cowling I will have a better idea on the schedule for having the engine built.

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