Project is Home, let’s get moving

As my original plan was to hire out the work on my airplane, it seems that I will have to think up an alternate plan. My hangar neighbor who came highly recommended to me as someone with the skill necessary to finish building the airplane. I met with this individual before I brought the airplane home and everything seemed ok. After the airplane was in my hangar I went to meet with this individual. He seemed ok and we spoke about building for 20 or so minute. He was also showing me his new acquisition, an AcroSport. We agreed that I would contact him soon once we both had some free time. My next in-person meeting with him didn’t go so well. He was saying someone from the town found out he was doing illegal work in his hangar. The town code says no business (maintenance work). And the fine is $1200. per day. Well that is the end of that idea as the mechanic/builder is afraid to do work in his hangar.


For a moment (albeit brief), I thought that I would be able to finish the project myself, with a mentor of course; with the major finishing work completed by me.

So I began to equip my hangar with tools and everything I will need.


The reality of the situation is if you rely on others, ultimately you will get let down. What I did not envision when deciding to take on the task of building an airplane is the great skill and precision that is required. My very first task on the airplane proved this perfectly. I made a mistake by not following the plans exactly and this mistake would up costing me 3 or 4 months to fix the mistake and around $1000.

This was all I needed to really put things into perspective. I do feel I can complete the airplane by myself, but the learning curve and my limited time would turn to into at least a 7 year project. I think it is time for me to look for another builder.




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